10 Best Folding Chairs

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10 Best Folding Chairs - 2019

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Buying Guide to Best Folding Chairs

Make your next outdoor adventure some more comfortable with these light in weight, flexible, foldable folding chairs.

For you like entertaining people, you’ll find folding chairs handy to have around. They are great for when you’re expecting more guest than there is seating. Over the years, the folding chairs designs account more for movement and storage. Large institutions that host functions regularly stand to gain more for purchasing their own than rent. That saves costs in the long-run. The best folding chairs are those offering a perfect combination of durability, comfort, and affordability.

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What is a folding chair?

A folding chair is a portable chair that is light in weight. It collapses for easy transportation and storage. It features a folding pivot with a seat and a backrest. It typically consists of two parts. The backrest connects to the front legs and the seat to the back legs. These two components cross near the center.

When folded, they almost form a flat piece. To unfold, pull the backrest and the seat away from each other. Once the two sides reached the hinge's maximum limit, place it on the ground to make sure it’s stable. They are used in functions hosting a large group of people. Schools, offices, catering companies and other such institutions and companies benefit from folding chairs.

This portable furniture allows spaces to have dual uses. A hall can quickly turn into a wedding event, a conference or a religious gathering by adding folding chairs. You can also come in handy during conventions, trade shows, and marketing stands. If you need a few, they can comfortably fit into your car; you don’t need to hire transportation.

Types of folding chairs

In the market, there are a variety of styles and materials for selection. You can get wooden, aluminum, or blow molded plastic chairs. The best folding chair for you depend on functionality and taste.

Wooden Folding Chairs

Folding chairs made of wood are both classic and elegant. Most people prefer them for weddings and formal events. Their durability is exceptional.

Of all the folding chairs available, the wooden types are the most luxurious. Coming in a variety of types of wood, anyone wanting to class up their office, home, or workspace can find a multitude of colors, styles, sizes, and cushion types with these kinds of chairs. Ideal for banquets, ceremonies, and weddings, wooden folding chairs will make anyone feel comfortable and they spruce up any atmosphere they are put in. And once they are no longer needed, they can be stored easily, being folded back up and they don’t take up nearly as much space as a regular chair.

Metal Folding Chairs

These metal seats are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They are durable given they stand up to frequent use. Their scratch resistant nature makes them better for large functions.

More appropriate for indoor atmospheres due to their tendency to rust in the rain, metal folding chairs provide a stronger hold for a wider range of sitters. They can be much more permanent than plastic kinds and don’t have to be taken down every time the event is done. After all, they are much heavier and no one would want to have to pick up a thousand of these every night. They will last much longer and won’t have to be replaced very often. Most of the time they can be found in arenas and things of that nature.

Plastic Folding Chairs

 These folding chairs are made of polypropylene material. They are light in weight, making them easier to transport. Cleaning them is also easy.

Ideal for outdoor use, plastic folding chairs offer stability, ease of maintenance, they’re easy to clean, and won’t rust if they get wet. They’re light enough to be easy to transport, so anyone needing to go a long distance won’t have to worry about lugging heavy metal chairs around or worrying about wooden ones breaking too easily from the drive there. They still provide enough support for almost anyone wanting to find a comfortable seat at the place they’re going to end up. Available in any color someone wanting to purchase them can think of, they’re a great choice when looking at folding chairs.

Padded Folding Chairs

For those looking to give a little more comfort to the people using their chairs, padded folding chairs can give them just that. Usually fitted with a cushion on the seat and sometimes a back support, these chairs, while normally requiring small amounts of repair to the cushion, can give a much more enjoyable stay. The thickness varies greatly and is not designed to be used outdoors unless the lining on them is strong plastic. Cloth cushions on the padded folding chairs should be used indoors.

Things to look for while buying a folding chair

Weight: Most folding chairs weigh less than ten pounds.

Weight capacity: All folding chairs are built to cater to various weight brackets. It is not essential but could be something to consider depending on your demographic.

Seat material: A padded seat is best for events running for an extended period. They can either be vinyl or fabric.

Color: There are various colors available to choose from. You can go for the classic grey, black or beige. Companies can use seats that match their corporate colors.

Final Verdict

Folding chairs are not limited to catering services. Depending on your home or corporate use, the best folding chairs are those that match your needs. For personal use, plastic or wooden seats work best. For large events, metal or plastic seats get the job done.  

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