Best Folding Stools

Written by Irene Melton | Updated
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Folding stools are a popular type of stool that can save space when they are stored.

Ideal for use during parties, events, and other occasions when permanent fixtures aren’t an option, folding stools provide flexibility, easy transporting, and comfortable seating for anyone. And with the many varieties of materials they can be made of, they’ll be appropriate no matter what the occasion, weather, or kinds of people sitting on them. These types include metal, plastic, wooden, and upholstered, and all provide different positives and negatives when it comes to the area in which the people will be sitting down.

5 Best Selling Folding Chairs

Plastic Folding Stools

Often the least expensive and lightest material, plastic folding stools are great for long distance transporting because they won’t weigh down your vehicle as much or be as easily damaged like wooden or metal versions. They can still provide a solid foundation and won’t break even after multiple uses. Because they aren’t metal, plastic folding stools won’t rust in the rain, and can be left outside for days without being damaged too much. These will often be available in the most variety of colors or can be painted easily if you need them to be another color quickly.

Metal Folding Stools

The most durable kind of folding stool is the metal folding stool. If kept properly indoors and away from excess moisture, these will almost never rust or need replacing. They are most often used indoors at places like stadiums where they don’t need to be moved often, so they can become a nearly permanent structure. Over time, these will save the owner money because they last so long. Sturdy and secure, these kinds of stools will provide the widest range of sitters comfort and reliability in their seating. Often used with cushions, metal folding chairs are one of the most popular kinds.

Upholstered Folding Stools

Upholstered folding chairs are popular for use in bars, restaurants, and anywhere high, comfortable seating is needed indoors. These types come with a cloth, plastic, or other material to cover the cushion resting on top of the stool. Normally they come with a back support as well, but that isn’t a requirement. Swivels are optional, as well, and change the cost of the stool based on the quality. They are not designed for outdoor use because the cushion will normally get wet and damaged with harsh weather or exposure to sunlight, so indoor use is recommended for a long healthy run.

Wooden Folding Stools

Wooden folding stools are usually used for decoration rather than practicality, but this isn’t always the case. Many kinds of wooden folding stools are used in homes, bars, and restaurants alike. A well-known version is the high-chair used for children to sit at the end of some tables in restaurants. They can be made of many different types of wood, colored any way you’d like, and can range in price from less to more expensive than metal kinds. Again, they are normally used indoors unless treated for handling harsher weather outside.

It's crazy to think that there are so many different types of folding stools.  I mean, how useful can a mini table be?!  But it's true, we've got the folding step stool, folding bar stool, folding camp stool, portable folding stool, folding counter stool, footstool and canvas stool!  Whew...

One of our favorite brands is the EZ Foldz folding step stool.  Some of these models even come with a back in case you'll be sitting on them.  Definitely the best place to buy folding stools is online, since online stores tend to have prices about 30% under retail.