10 Best Metal Folding Chairs

Written by Irene Melton | Updated
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Metal folding chairs are a popular version of folding chair and often offer the most stability, length of life, and return on your purchase of any type available.
Sometimes used in banquet settings, they offer the ability to give seating to lots of people without needing to take up that space all the time. They can just be stored in a compact place until they are needed. And since they are made of metal, they won’t wear out or need replacing as long as they are used indoors or out of the rain most of the time.

Upholstered Metal Folding Chairs

Popular for stadiums and auditoriums, upholstered metal folding chairs are long-lasting, sturdy, and don’t need much maintenance throughout their lifespan. They are able to hold more weight than any other kind of folding chair, and with a nice thick cushion, can offer just as much comfort as a sofa. If anything were to be damaged on the cushion, replacing that is quite easy, as well. Upholstered metal folding chairs can be purchased individually or installed as a group; lined up as long as is needed to fill the design of the place they’re being put in to.

Stationary Metal Folding Chairs

Used normally for large stadiums, auditoriums, or banquet halls, stationary metal folding chairs are permanently installed into the floor with screws and other equipment. The folding mechanism allows for more rows to be installed because they don’t need extra room for people to walk through, they can just be folded up as needed. This will be much more cost effective and allow the proprietor of any establishment to be able to sell more tickets, fit more people into his or her area, and ultimately make more money simply by choosing stationary metal folding chairs over other types.

Movable Metal Folding Chairs

The more common and inexpensive version of metal folding chairs is the kind that moves. Popular in use for outdoor occasions like weddings, banquets, and anything where you need seating for lots of people but don’t have much space to store things. They can withstand some weathering, but leaving them out in the rain for extended periods of time will cause them to rust and lose their stability very quickly. These kinds are easy to move around, can come in a variety of colors, cushion types, sizes, and shapes. They’ll fit in perfectly with any surroundings as long as the right style is chosen.

Metal Folding Chairs for School

Another common use for metal folding chairs is in schools. The option to add a half or whole desktop with the chair is not difficult to find, and often provides teachers and students with exactly what they need. They are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain with just a few tools. And since they are the longest lasting version of folding chair, the administration won’t have to replace them as often, saving lots of time, money, and effort for their school in the long run.
Folding metal chairs can be black, white, and anywhere in between (although those happen to be the two most popular colors).  They're often padded since sitting on metal is cold and unpleasant and they're great for outdoor use so long as it's a rust-proof metal.  They're actually quite cheap if you can find them for sale online, since online retailers charge so much less than physical stores.  Kids metal folding chairs are obviously super popular since childrens butts spend so much time sitting and doing homework!