10 Best Padded Folding Chairs

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Are you looking for good quality padded folding chairs? Here are all the bells and whistle of padded folding chairs.
Folding chairs are great when you need seating and an efficient use of space, but padded folding chairs are even better because there is some sense of comfort involved. Typical folding chairs made out of plastic, wood, or metal can be hard on your sitting muscles if you have to stay in the same place for too long. There are definitely times that you don’t want people shifting around in there seats.

Different Kinds of Folding Chairs

Within the greater category of folding chairs, there are several subcategories to be aware of. The main ones are metal folding chairs, plastic folding chairs, wooden folding chairs, and padded folding chairs. They are all variations on a theme, but each has its own positive and negative aspects.

Metals folding chairs, for example, can be either lightweight or heavy, can be more decorative or practical, and can last a long time if they are well constructed. On the other hand, they can rust if they are left out in the open for too long, and if they are damaged by being bent or scratched they can be real eyesores.

Plastic folding chairs can be durable, lightweight, and particularly good for children who might be rough on them. They are easy to clean, and they can come in all sorts of custom colors and shapes depending on the molding process. They are also potentially the cheapest of the chairs because of their low material cost.

Wooden folding chairs can be a little bit heavier and a little bit nicer, certainly. They can be custom built and be quite beautiful in fact, and more resistant to wear and tear than other types. You’ll often find wooden folding chairs set up for things like outside events, for lectures, weddings, or picnics.

Padded folding chairs can be primarily made of any material, but they also have some type of padding on the seats, typically a soft fabric of some sort. They are usually the most comfortable of all the types, but they can also be the most expensive, the heaviest, and the hardest to upkeep. Once the pad starts going bad, all bets are off as well, and they can start to look ratty or faded if you don’t keep them out of the sun and the weather.

Why Use Folding Chairs

The primary reason that a person might want to use folding chairs is to save space. If the chairs don’t always have to be available, it makes sense to be able to fold them down into the smallest area possible and put them into some sort of storage area. There are companies that even specialize in folder chair rentals because it is one of those necessary evils when it comes to things like classrooms, weddings, or any type of gathering where people need to sit down.

Since folding chairs do take up less space, that means that your can fit a whole lot more in a truck during transport as well, which means bigger events for less cost. A padded folding chair can be made from fabric, vinyl, wood, metal, resin or any other material that you'd commonly see.  The most popular colors are obviously black and white, although you'll see some brown and more off the wall colors if you look around online.  Online also happens to be where you'll get padded chairs at the cheapest of the cheap prices, since online retailers can sell even top brands like Samsonite at about 1/3 of the cost of physical stores.