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If you're a small business owner who specializes in lawn care, you of course want to have a contract with your customer that clearly states exactly what services you agree to provide to a customer as part of your lawn care service.

If you're a very small business owner, you might want to get your hands on a lawn care contract.

The same contract also needs to specify exactly what a homeowners duties are, and also the clearly specify that any action on the part of the homeowner that amounts to willful negligence will void the contract.

This is crucially important to avoid liability. Then there is always the chance that some random occurrence (storms, winds or floods, for example) could completely destroy the homeowners lawn, and your contract needs to protect you in the event of such an occurrence.

One place to get a free lawn care contract is on the net. Basically speaking you need a contract that is entirely fair, or as much as possible, to both the homeowner and to you.

Where do you find lawn care contract?

There are some small lawn care businesses that dispense with the usual contract, but generally speaking this is a very dangerous practice – it not only does not clearly define your duties and services, but leaves what a homeowner expects of you a complete gray area, and is absolutely not to be advised.

Now lets talk about where you could possibly get your lawn care contract, and what terms and conditions it should contain.

Actually, the safest possible place, in a legal sense, to get your lawn care contract, is from a lawyer. However, lawyers can cost the earth, and if you have a reasonable dose of common sense, you can do a search on the Internet for a highly comprehensive lawn care contract, one that contains all of the terms and conditions that you are likely to need, and more, and then to modify this contract to your needs. This is the easiest way to get a free lawn care contract.

Modifying such a contract is not as hard as it sounds, especially if modifying it means merely deleting sections relating to services that you do not provide.

Take care about what you delete, though – never delete anything that specifies a customer's duties and also be careful not to delete any section that clearly specifies the outer limits of the services you agree to provide.

In other words, your lawn care contract should not only specify what services you do provide, but also specify what you do not provide, period.

And of course remember to change the name from the name of the business in the contract, to the name of your business! Remember that you should use this method of acquiring a free lawn care contract only if you are absolutely confident that you, or a friend, is actually capable of editing the said contract to your needs.

If you're not confident of editing the contract, then don't do it – go to a lawyer and pay him to draw one up for you. And even if you're confident of editing the contract – and it really isn't that difficult to do it if you bring a healthy dose of common sense to the task, you should still get that free lawn care contract checked out by a lawyer, or at least by a friend well conversant with legal forms and language.

Another way is to get yourself a lawn care manual. Check out this manual on How To Start a Lawn Care Business, where you can get Lawn Maintenance Agreements, a yearly contract with your customer.

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